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Could your R&I project benefit from standardization?

Neither in basic research nor in the search for new applications do scientists move in a vacuum. No innovation leads an island existence. It is always docked to the real world. Innovations must communicate and interact on a secure basis with the real world, must meet established framework conditions.

Standards make a decisive contribution to ensuring that innovations prevail in the marketplace. And they not only shorten time-to-market, but also facilitate access to the public procurement market.

What is standardization? 

Successful products do more than simply solve a market problem. You can trust that they’ll always be of a certain quality, be safe to use, and are readily available when you need them. What makes a product into a household name? The ability to scale while maintaining consistency. 

Find out more on the role of standards in support of Knowledge Valorisation and Technology Transfer in CEN-CENELEC Guide 39

Standards +

Discover how standardization can support growth in innovations and research. 

Standardization — misunderstood by many as a simple check-box for regulators — is a way to ensure your product’s consistency as you scale and grow into different markets. This can

help accelerate market entry while clearly communicating what your customers can

expect from you.

Why standardization? 

Standards ensure comparability, compatibility, and interoperability

Standards build trust with your customers, because they enable you to be clear and transparent about what they can expect from you

On a macroeconomic level, standardization directly contributes to a country’s economic growth 

Standardization can work to boost profitability for individual companies

Standardization processes work to build and nurture international networks, based on principles of openness and transparency 

The co-creation process of standardization supports open innovation and cross-industry innovation 

This works to develop new markets and achieve economic growth

How does standardization support innovation? 

There are certain rules and conventions that make up the framework for how our society works and how we live within it. For example, how money can be exchanged for goods and services, rules on how markets can operate, how scientific research is done, and how laws and policies are made. 

Standardization creates a foundational framework from which innovators can design specific solutions. It provides a set of parameters to work within so that they can focus their energies on creating tailored and impactful solutions. 

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