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​Having a brilliant idea comes at the start of your journey as an innovator. There is a long way to go from your innovation to success.


Including standardization within your proposals and long-term plan can help you to promote your project, address new partners and also finally helps you to speed up your market success.

Standardization can help you to:

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Find out how innovators benefitted from standardization 

How standards help to make products counterfeit-proof

"If you are innovative and you develop products, you should consider standardization immediately. Either use standards or work actively in creating them."

Marietta Ulrich-Horn,
SECURIKETT, Münchendorf, Austria

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Developing standards is quick and easy 

After only 6-12 months, an agreement called a 'CWA' can be put in place, which serves as the basis for new standards—based on your research. A CWA is published globally and takes 4 simple steps to create: 

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