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Find out how these researchers benefitted from standardization 

How standards support securing urban sustainability

"Standardization bodies should be included from the start, to really achieve maximum benefit and enable the wonderful outcome of welcoming research and innovation to the market." 

Serene Hanania,
ICLEI EUROPE, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

"Standardization is a really good way for researchers to make sure that their research actually has an impact in the real world"


Dave Lewis, 
Trinity College, ADAPT Centre, Dublin, Ireland  

Setting standards for AI in machine translation 

Developing the paper of the future based on reliable standards 

"We decided to develop standards as soon as we had the need to speak and work with others on new products." 

Sylvie Moreau-Tabiche, 

Developing standards is quick and easy 

After only 6-12 months, an agreement called a 'CWA' can be put in place, which serves as the basis for new standards—based on your research. A CWA is published globally and takes 4 simple steps to create: 

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