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Success stories based on standardization

Get a new perspective

Standardization is an essential tool for researchers and innovators, making life

-and work- easier when you're doing groundbreaking work. To show you what standards have to offer you, as a researcher or innovator we have collected inspiring stories. 

The Adapt Centre Story

Collaborative Research: making strides with machine translation

CENIT 1.png
The CENIT Story

The evolution of aircraft

The CTP Story

Collaboration needs a common language

DG Home 1.png
The DG Home Story

Networking efficiently and coordinating effectively in the security sector

The EcarACCU Story

Eco-friendly and cost-friendly: Repurposed batteries from electric cars get a second life 


From innovative idea to market: standards help pave the way

International Hellenic University 1.png
The International Hellenic University Story

Build capacities and resilient communities with standardization

The SMR Project Story

Working together to make European cities more resilient

Stefan Lederer.jpg
The Bitmovin Story

How to attract investors with standards

The Purency Story

Bringing standardization into the detection of microplastics in products and the environment

FormPlanet logo.png
The FormPlanet story.

Bringing standardization into Open Innovation Test Beds

More stories to come...
AustrianStartups 1.png
The AustrianStartups Story

Impact, hubs, hurdles and standards

Comon Invent 1.png
The Comon Invent Story

What’s that smell? Electronic noses vs. odorous emissions

DG Connect 1.png
The DG Connect Story

Working for the digital single market: DG Connect and ICT standards

Tom Oostrom - EDIT.00_00_24_08.Still004.
The Dutch Kidney Foundation Story

Designing tomorrow’s portable, artificial kidney

EIT Climate KIC 1.png
The EIT Climate-KIC Story

Amplifying impact: EIT Climate-KIC and project hyperloop

FIR 1.png
The FIR Aachen Story

Speeding up the innovation process through standards

The Securikett Story

Combating counterfeits and proving authenticity with an app 

ChinaVisaPhoto-Cropped2 - white backgrou
The Openet Story

How Openet use Standards to stay both compliant and competitive

The University of Luxembourg Story

Bringing technical standardization and scientific research closer together

The SEA-TITAN story.

Bringing standardization into next wave energy generation technologies

The CAPPA story

Standards for community face coverings

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